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Art.7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 gives users specific rights concerning the treatment of personal details, including:the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of details that may concern them; the right to update, rectify or complete such details, as well as their cancellation, transformation into anonymous data or their suspension in the case of misuse; the right to deny use as per the indications indicated above only for legitimate reasons; the right to deny use for commercial or promotional purposes, the forwarding of publicity materials or the administration of market research.
The holder of the rights to manage such data is SA Fire Protection S.r.l.. The person responsible for data management, as Legislative Decree 196/2003, is the manager of the (ISR) Internet and Editorial Services Area. You can communicate with the area by e-mail at or write to SA Fire Protection S.r.l. – Administration Services – Via teocrito, 6 – 98042 Saponara -ME, Italy, preferably by registered mail.

Cookies usage on this web site

This web site uses technical cookies in order to enhance user experience and to provide services to users. Third party trucking cookies may be also used when content from third party web sites are used in our pages (For example: maps from Google Maps and videos from YouTube).

It is possible to limit or disable cookies by modification of your web browser settings, anyway without cookies some of the web site funcionality could not work properly or not work at all.

Cookies are small piece of information stored in your web broswer by visited web sites. Web sites use cookies to store data about web site navigaton, user preferences, to guarantee access to reserved areas. Web site owners and third parties that own cookies resident on a web site can only access cookie stored in your web browser.

On Wikipedia you can find more information about cookies.


Cookies can be classified accordingly to the following categories:


These cookies are necessary in oreder to provide the web site services: for example to store information provided by the user during its navigation or to handle user authentication.


These cookies store information related to web site usage for marketing and advertising purposes.


Third party cookies are stored by web site different from the one that is currently visited. Third party cookies can be stored because of content hosted on the web site but provided by other servers. For example cookies can be sent to web browser when you visualize YouTube videos, Facebook or Twitter boxes, Goolge Maps and the like. These cookies can be used by those third parties for marketing and advertising purposes.


Here you can find a list of cookies that can be used on this web site categorized as described above:

Cookie nameTHIRD PARTY COOKIES  Usage Category
fe_typo_user This cookie is stored by our web site to optimize the web site navigation, but information gathered are not sotred in order to track user behaviour.TECHNICAL
 _ga  This cookie is used by Google Analytics services to build web site usage statistics but doesn’t track single user behaviour. It does contain a unique random number or character string to identify the web browser, date and hour of the visit, marketing tools and web pages used by the browser to land on this web site.TECHNICAL
 _gat  This cookie is used by Google Analytics services to measure the requests frequence for a given page duirng a unique visit but doesn’t track single user beaviour. It does contain a unique random number or character string to identify the web browser, date and hour of the visit, marketing tools and web pages used by the browser to land on this web site.TECHNICAL

More info on Google Privacy Policy page:

Google stores cookies like PREF, NID e SID to track user’s behaviour and customize ads visualization in Google’s pages, like its Search Page. For example we store the single user most recent searches, prevoius reaction and interaction with a given advertiser ads, previous search resutls, previous visits to our advertisers pages. This information allow us to show you customized ads.  TRACKING

How to limit or disable cookies
Every single web browser offer its own tools to manage cookies.

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